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Weathered it down a bit.

Now I’m trying to remember if there were a lot of dead leaves inside the buildings of The Last of Us.  Would clickers get drawn to other clickers stepping on the leaves?  Imagine stealth elements that incorporate the environment for TLOS.  I guess you might as well have Joel say “metal gear” over and over.

"clickerrr.."  (in raspy metal gear voice)

Anyway, I like this.  I am trying to take more time with my concepts nowadays.  My past industry jobs usually had me crank out pieces within a day or two, and it’s a hard habit to break. 

This infected is similar to the previous one where it starts to melt towards the end of its cycle (melted infected).  Since he was a particularly rotund host, you can see it’s taking a while and other colonies have started to sprout on his head, like the clickers.  Most of his internal organs, useless to the fungus, have been turned to liquid, slushing around in his neck and belly as he walks.

Shoot the legs to make it explode, collapsing the abomination on itself. 

It looks like it can float on water… probably paddle too.  Hehe.

If they make a level where you have to evade these things while swimming/assisting Ellie through spore-filled water, through a dark tunnel, I would probably drop-kick my PS3(PS4?) from my balcony.

**update:  touched up:

Color treat of the previous post.

This particular type of infected starts disintegrating and coalesces into a slime pool after its cycle.  Kind of like the inky cap mushrooms.  They get bloated though and are apt to explode when punctured. 

Maybe there will be a half dripping version that walks.  That’d be great to see I think.

One of the guy’s interchangeable drill bit hands were taken off since it looked like forearm bones.  I still think it was cool that he chopped off his own hand for fear of infection.

A continuation of a series that I originally started as oil paintings, that were in turn inspired by the book Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  I’ve always loved doors, doorways, and the hallways in between, and that story had some special doors in it.  Aren’t books doors?

Portals, windows, and moongates that lead to places other than here are fascinating.  Even now when I go between two posts on the sidewalk, the ones holding up a sign, I imagine that I somehow crossover to a world different from where I once was, but still very similar. 

One of these days I’ll come across a paper airplane under those posts.

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